12 Kitchen Countertop Options

Homeowners can easily become overwhelmed by the dozens of kitchen countertop options fanning out before them. When choosing to redesign your kitchen (or building a new one from the ground up), countertops can often become a sticking point.


Because, like every other aspect of your kitchen, the countertops are expected to look great, handle any workload you can throw at them, and stay dependable for decades. It’s not an area of your kitchen to skimp on. It’s an investment.

So to help make sure you’re making the right investment for your home and your family, here is a list of 12 different types of countertops, and the pros and cons you should consider for each.



Granite Countertop


  • Many different colors and grains are available, meaning a granite countertop would match any kitchen.
  • Highly durable material when well maintained.
  • Widely available and often affordable. Some types of granite might cost as little as $50 per square foot.
  • Timeless looks. You won’t have to worry about this natural stone looking “dated” in 10 or 15 years.


  • Granite countertop prices can be all over the place. While it’s true that many people find great deals, some of the more exotic pieces of granite could easily climb to $250 per square feet or higher.
  • Yearly maintenance is recommended. Granite is porous, so spilled coffee or wine might become permanent stains if you don’t reseal your countertops regularly.
  • Durable but not indestructible. Heavy objects dropped onto granite might cause chips or cracks.

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11 Kitchen Island Ideas

Adding an island to your kitchen is more than just trendy: it’s a smart and efficient way to increase those much-needed counters, workstations, and even seating for your family. But just like people come in all shapes and sizes, so do kitchens, and trying to shoehorn the wrong type of island into your kitchen can cause many more headaches than it solves.

We looked back across the hundreds of installation jobs we have helped families with over the decades, and have come up with our top 11 kitchen island ideas. Each one has different attributes, pros, and cons; but we are confident that one of the islands on this list will be absolutely perfect for your home.

Consider the following designs:


Basic Built-in Island

Basic Built In Island - Kitchen Island Designs

The word “basic” in this heading is somewhat misleading. There are plenty of bells and whistles that can be added on to any island, including a rectangular built-in. Of all the kitchen island designs, the rectangular built-in is the one you will see most frequently. This island is a permanent installation, typically placed opposite your existing counters, and it accomplishes two main objectives: increased storage, and increased workspace.

The countertop portion of this island will be on a single level (usually the exact same height as your other counters) meaning it is more ideal for working than eating.

There are numerous styles and materials available to choose from when selecting a basic built-in island. These islands can be matched to your existing kitchen decor, or can be installed as part of an overall kitchen upgrade.

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Kitchen Cabinet Handles

If you’ve recently had some kitchen renovations done, chances are you’re already standing at the center of the room admiring the new scenery. You may be admiring the new looks of your kitchen countertops, feeling completely elated with your new floors, but do not forget about the little things that can boost the overall look for your kitchen even further.

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