Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions for Your Remodel

Welcome to Planet Cabinets! We’re thrilled to share our journey in the kitchen remodeling business with you. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve had the pleasure of transforming countless kitchens into functional and stylish spaces that our clients love.

Our commitment to innovative kitchen storage solutions has always been at the heart of what we do. We believe that a well-organized kitchen not only enhances your daily cooking experience but also adds beauty and value to your home. 

That’s why we continuously strive to offer the latest in innovative kitchen design, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Rooted in the vibrant city of Chicago, we take great pride in serving local homeowners and businesses. Our dedication to this community drives us to provide exceptional service and quality craftsmanship. 

Whether you’re looking to optimize your kitchen storage or undertake a complete remodel, we’re here to bring your vision to life with our expertise in Chicago kitchen storage solutions.

Join us as we explore some of the most innovative storage ideas that can transform your kitchen into a functional masterpiece.

The Importance of Innovative Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Why Storage Matters

In any kitchen remodel, storage is a crucial aspect that can make or break the functionality and overall feel of the space. We’ve all experienced the frustration of cluttered countertops, overstuffed cabinets, and the inefficiency that comes with a poorly organized kitchen. 

These common problems not only make cooking and cleaning more difficult but also detract from the beauty of your kitchen.

Innovative kitchen storage solutions can transform these challenges into opportunities for enhanced functionality. 

By incorporating smart storage options like pull-out pantries, corner cabinet solutions, and customized drawer dividers, you can maximize every inch of your kitchen space. 

These solutions ensure that everything has its place, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.

The benefits of a well-organized kitchen go beyond mere practicality. A clutter-free kitchen is not only more efficient but also more inviting. When everything is neatly stored away, your kitchen looks cleaner, more spacious, and aesthetically pleasing. 

This blend of functionality and style is at the core of what we offer at Planet Cabinets, ensuring that your kitchen is both beautiful and highly functional.

In our experience, the transformation that comes with innovative kitchen storage solutions is remarkable. It makes daily tasks more enjoyable and creates a space where you love to spend time. 

Let us help you turn your kitchen into a model of efficiency and elegance with our expertly crafted storage solutions.

Pull-Out Pantry Systems

Maximizing Vertical Space

One of the most effective ways to maximize your kitchen’s vertical space is through pull-out pantry systems. 

These innovative storage solutions are designed to utilize the full height of your cabinets, providing easy access to items that might otherwise be hard to reach.

Pull-out pantry systems offer numerous benefits, including improved organization and increased storage capacity. 

By allowing you to see all your pantry items at a glance, these systems eliminate the need for rummaging through cluttered shelves. 

They also make it easier to keep track of your inventory, reducing the chances of items expiring unnoticed at the back of the pantry.

Customization is a key advantage of pull-out pantry systems. Whether you need narrow shelves for spices, deep drawers for canned goods, or adjustable racks for taller items, these systems can be tailored to fit your specific needs. 

For instance, we’ve installed pull-out pantries with integrated baskets and bins, perfect for keeping snacks and baking supplies organized and accessible.


Corner Cabinet Solutions

Kitchen Storage Solutions - Corner Cabinets

Utilizing Every Inch

Corner cabinets often pose a challenge in kitchen design, with their awkward spaces that can be difficult to access and organize. However, at Planet Cabinets, we have innovative solutions that turn these tricky areas into functional and efficient storage spaces.

One of the most popular options is the Lazy Susan, a rotating shelf system that allows you to easily access items stored in the far corners of your cabinets. Lazy Susans come in various designs, from basic turntables to more sophisticated, multi-tiered systems. 

These are perfect for storing pots, pans, and small appliances, making sure nothing gets lost in the depths of your cabinets.

Another great solution is corner drawers. Unlike traditional cabinets that swing open, corner drawers slide out, utilizing the full depth of the corner space. 

These drawers are ideal for storing utensils, baking sheets, and other kitchen essentials, keeping them within easy reach and well-organized.

We understand that every kitchen is unique, and that’s why we tailor these corner solutions to fit different layouts. Whether you have a compact kitchen in a downtown Chicago condo or a spacious suburban home, we can design and install corner cabinets that maximize your storage potential. 

Our corner cabinet solutions not only improve functionality but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. They help maintain a clean, clutter-free environment, allowing you to enjoy your cooking space to the fullest.

Under-Cabinet Storage Innovations

Hidden Storage Gems

Unlocking the hidden storage potential under your cabinets can transform your kitchen into a model of efficiency and elegance. 

At Planet Cabinets, we offer a range of under-cabinet drawers and organizers designed to keep your frequently used items within easy reach while maintaining a clean, uncluttered look.

Under-cabinet drawers are perfect for storing items that you use daily, such as utensils, cutting boards, and even small appliances. These drawers slide out smoothly, allowing you to access your essentials without rummaging through crowded countertops. 

By keeping these items tucked away yet easily accessible, you can enjoy a more streamlined and organized kitchen.

In addition to drawers, under-cabinet organizers offer versatile storage options. For example, we can install pull-out racks for spices, knife blocks, and even wine holders. 

These organizers are tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring that every inch of your kitchen is utilized effectively. Imagine having all your spices neatly lined up in a pull-out rack right below your cooking area, making meal prep faster and more enjoyable.

Under-cabinet storage innovations not only improve the functionality of your kitchen but also enhance its design. By keeping clutter off the countertops, these solutions create a sleek and modern appearance. 

The clean lines and thoughtful organization contribute to a more inviting and efficient cooking environment.

Drawer Dividers and Inserts

Organizing Essentials

Maintaining an organized kitchen is all about having the right tools in the right places. Customized drawer dividers are essential for keeping everything in order, from utensils to spices and beyond. 

At Planet Cabinets, we understand the importance of these small details in creating a functional and enjoyable cooking space.

Customized drawer dividers are crucial for maintaining organization. They ensure that every item has its designated place, reducing clutter and making it easier to find what you need. 

Imagine opening a drawer and having all your utensils neatly separated, or your spices perfectly arranged in labeled slots. This level of organization not only makes cooking more efficient but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

We offer a variety of inserts tailored to fit different needs. For utensils, we have adjustable dividers that can accommodate everything from large spatulas to small teaspoons. 

For spices, we provide tiered inserts that keep jars visible and easily accessible. We even have specialized inserts for larger items like baking sheets and cutting boards, ensuring that your kitchen is as organized as possible.

Helping our clients choose the right dividers is a part of our personalized service. We take the time to understand your cooking habits and preferences. 

For example, if you love baking, we’ll recommend dividers that keep your baking tools and supplies in order. If you’re an avid cook with a vast collection of spices, we’ll design inserts that make it easy to find and access each one.

Overhead Storage Solutions

Making Use of Height

Utilizing the vertical space in your kitchen is key to maximizing storage and keeping your countertops clear. 

At Planet Cabinets, we offer a range of overhead storage options, including hanging racks and shelves, that help you make the most of your kitchen’s height.

Hanging racks are a fantastic way to store pots, pans, and other frequently used items. By suspending these items from the ceiling or under cabinets, you free up valuable countertop and cabinet space. 

Hanging racks not only provide easy access to your cookware but also add a stylish, functional element to your kitchen design.

Shelves installed above your countertops or cabinets offer another excellent overhead storage solution. These shelves can be used to store dishes, cookbooks, or decorative items, keeping them within reach yet out of the way. 

Floating shelves, in particular, create a modern, airy look while providing practical storage.

The primary benefit of overhead storage is that it helps maintain a clean and uncluttered countertop, making your kitchen more efficient and visually appealing. 

When your countertops are clear, you have more space for food preparation and other activities, making your kitchen a more pleasant place to work and gather.

To safely access and organize overhead storage, consider the following tips:

  1. Use Sturdy Step Stools or Ladders: Ensure you have a stable, easy-to-move stool or ladder to reach high shelves safely.
  2. Store Less Frequently Used Items Up High: Place items that you don’t use daily, such as special cookware or seasonal dishes, on the highest shelves.
  3. Label and Group Items: Keep similar items together and use labels to easily identify stored goods, reducing the time spent searching.
  4. Install Adjustable Shelves: Adjustable shelves can be repositioned to accommodate items of various heights, providing more flexible storage solutions.

Roll-Out Shelves and Baskets

Easy Access and Organization

When it comes to deep cabinets, roll-out shelves and baskets are game changers. At Planet Cabinets, we specialize in designing and installing these easy-access storage solutions that make every item in your kitchen easily reachable and neatly organized.

Roll-out shelves are perfect for deep cabinets where items can often get lost in the back. 

These shelves glide out smoothly, allowing you to see and access everything stored inside without having to dig through piles of kitchenware. They are ideal for storing pots, pans, small appliances, and pantry items, making your kitchen more functional and efficient.

Baskets are another versatile storage solution that can be customized for various uses. We offer a variety of baskets, including wire and wooden designs, each suited for different types of items. 

Wire baskets are great for storing fresh produce, keeping it ventilated and easy to access. Wooden baskets can be used for larger items like baking supplies or dry goods. Both types can be installed on roll-out mechanisms, providing the same easy access as roll-out shelves.

Roll-out shelves and baskets are not just about convenience—they also contribute to a more organized and streamlined kitchen design. With everything in its place and easy to find, your kitchen becomes a more pleasant and efficient space to work in.

Innovative Cabinet Designs

Innovative Cabinet Designs

At Planet Cabinets, we believe that your kitchen cabinets should be as innovative as they are beautiful. That’s why we offer unique cabinet designs like lift-up doors and bi-fold cabinets, which bring both functionality and style to your kitchen.

Lift-up doors are a modern twist on traditional cabinet doors. Instead of swinging open, these doors lift upwards, allowing for easier access and saving space. This design is perfect for smaller kitchens or areas where opening a standard door might be cumbersome. Lift-up doors provide a sleek, contemporary look and make it easier to reach items stored in upper cabinets without having to step back to open the door.

Bi-fold cabinets are another innovative option that enhances both functionality and aesthetics. These cabinets feature doors that fold in the middle and open sideways, providing full access to the cabinet’s interior without requiring extra space to swing out. Bi-fold cabinets are ideal for corner spaces and can be a stylish addition to any kitchen design. They offer a unique look that sets your kitchen apart while also being highly practical.

These innovative cabinet designs are more than just visually appealing—they also improve the overall functionality of your kitchen. By thinking outside the box, we can help you create a kitchen that is both stylish and highly efficient.

Tailored Solutions for Every Kitchen

At Planet Cabinets, we understand that every kitchen is unique, and so are the needs of each homeowner. That’s why we take a personalized approach to kitchen storage solutions, ensuring that every design we create is tailored to fit your specific lifestyle and preferences.

Our process begins with a detailed consultation. We take the time to listen to your needs, understand your cooking habits, and identify the storage challenges you face. 

Whether you need more space for your growing collection of spices, a better way to organize your cookware, or innovative solutions for a small kitchen, we’re here to help. We’ll visit your home, assess your current setup, and discuss your vision for a more functional and beautiful kitchen.

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we move on to the design phase. Our experienced team will create custom storage solutions that maximize your kitchen’s potential. 

We use the highest quality materials and the latest design trends to ensure your kitchen is both stylish and practical. From pull-out pantries and corner cabinets to under-cabinet drawers and unique cabinet designs, we tailor every aspect to meet your needs.

The installation phase is where your dream kitchen comes to life. Our skilled craftsmen handle every detail with precision and care, ensuring that each piece fits perfectly and functions flawlessly. 

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence. Throughout the installation process, we maintain open communication with you, keeping you informed and involved.

Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that a well-designed kitchen can make a significant difference in your daily life, and we are passionate about delivering solutions that exceed your expectations. 

Our clients in Chicago and the surrounding areas have consistently praised our personalized approach and the transformation we bring to their kitchens.

Innovative kitchen storage solutions can transform your kitchen into a space that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. From maximizing vertical space with pull-out pantries to utilizing every inch with custom corner cabinets, these solutions offer convenience, organization, and a touch of elegance. 

Under-cabinet storage innovations, drawer dividers, and unique cabinet designs further enhance the efficiency and style of your kitchen, making daily tasks more enjoyable and your kitchen more inviting.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Chicago for a free consultation. See firsthand the quality and craftsmanship that define Planet Cabinets and explore our personalized remodeling ideas tailored to your unique needs. 

Our dedicated team is here to help you design a kitchen that truly reflects your lifestyle and preferences.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and estimate

Let Planet Cabinets help you start transforming your kitchen into the functional and beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of. We look forward to working with you and bringing your vision to life.

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